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About This Site

H. Edwin Detlie designed the site himself, based on a previous office website which he had designed with Microsoft FrontPage. This site is designed using WordPress, which is much easier to learn and to use to design a website than FrontPage or Dreamweaver. While having some familiarity with html and css code helps, it was possible to design the site with a minimal knowledge of code. He has also published a website on using content management software for law firm websites,

There are web hosting services that specialize in WordPress and other Content Management System programs, but I have had good results from Siteground.

There are several excellent books available on WordPress, but you should look for a book on the most current release of WordPress, currently release 2.9.

WordPress is not a “lite” version of traditional web design software. It works completely differently, based on a Content Management System approach, and works much better in most respects than traditional web designing tools. The administrator can allow multiple users to contribute content, like a blog, but the administrator controls the design and overall content. There are literally hundreds of features, many contained in the release of the software itself and others which are free, that can add components such as podcasting, online store, calendars, slideshows, flash presentations, and almost anything else that a web designer needs.

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